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On-call digital consultant for small charities

Start a Subscription and get 2-6 hours of my support a month. You get my digital expertise on call for less than the cost of a decent plumber.


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Are you a voluntary organisation, community group, or social enterprise based in West Cumbria?

Get FREE technology advice from me, and support to apply for a £5,000 grant from the Transforming West Cumbria's Bedrock Digital programme.

Bedrock Digital


Get a grip on your small charity technology

TechBox gives you the knowledge and resources to set up and manage your organisation's technology. No jargon!

TechBox is a FREE digital service exclusively for small charities, non-profits, community groups, and CICs, from Kevin at Charity Technology. It helps you get a grip on all your digital assets with a space to learn and gain confidence on technology topics that relate to your organisation.


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Who am I?

I'm Kevin Beynon. I've worked in the charity sector for over two decades, at both small and large organisations.

As charity e-learning and CRM have developed into a multi-million pound industry, I've grown aware that what works for large charities isn't always right for small ones. Enterprise-level software isn't always the best choice, but you can't always tell until you've used it for a while.

What is common across charities of all sizes is the need for sustainable approaches, future-proofed decision-making, and ownership of the donor, customer & learner relationship.

I'm here when you need me, not as an expensive one-off consultation, but as a cost-effective resource to help inform strategy, sense-check, help with ideas, and support your organisation's technology future.


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